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I set my clients up to progress on their own time. Not everyone will progress through training at the same rate due to life, stress, and time. Programs are structured through phases and skill advancements. A solid foundation is the key to progression.

Phase 1: The Basics.
Form correction, basic movements, and mobility work. This is also where we will assess any pain you may be experiencing.
Phase 2:  Add Weight/Strengthen.
This is where your program really becomes your program. We now will know where improvement is needed and can start stretching muscles needed to advance in your lifts.
Phase 3: Crushing Goals
Once all your basics are covered and muscles are ready, it’s go time.


There are thousands of different programs out there for nutrition. Why should Momentum Wellness be your choice?

We are different. Most nutrition plans are a pre-planned guide or diet that is given to you to follow. Not mine.

I have nothing pre-programmed because I need to meet you where you are at. Making drastic changes in your life and diet leads to short-term adherence to a program. You’re left craving foods you once had and people tend to fall right back into old habits. Your program needs to be something you can continue to do for the rest of your life.

I have created two different programs because I don’t believe that everyone needs the same guidance. I recommend they be done in sequence, but it’s not necessary!

Program 1: Lifestyle 
– Address any gut issues
– Clear brain fog
– Give you more energy
– Address acne or skin irritations
– Stabilize blood sugar levels

– Look for vitamin and mineral deficiencies

No calorie counting, no macronutrient counting, and no extreme restrictions. There is no reason for you to do any of the above until you are eating clean and have learned to listen to your body.

We call this food freedom my friends. Making the switch to a healthier lifestyle is what the majority of us need!

Program 2: Performance 
– Individualized macronutrient calculations
– Calorie estimates dependant on goals, activity level, and lifestyle
– When and what to eat based on gym time and goals (more structured than Program 1).

You will not hit goals in the gym unless your nutrition is aligned.

Your body uses food as fuel to grow, repair, and strengthen your muscles. Without the proper fats, carbs, and protein, you may not be getting the results you are hoping for. If you are looking to lean out or bulk up, the diet required for the two is going to be vastly different.

Program 1 is not a pre-requisite for Program 2, but it is very highly reccomended.


Best of both worlds. If you are serious about getting your shit together. This is your program.

When training and nutrition are paired, failure isn’t an option.

– 3 months of training and nutrition coaching
– 1 month transition period to online programming
– Training 4 days per week

My whole momentum program is customized to you and your goals. I have no pre-set templates, not one size fits all plan. This is me giving you what your brain and body need to succeed. 

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Ashley is very passionate about nutrition and training! I have been working with her for about 9 months and have lost 20 lbs, more importantly, my back and shoulder pain is pretty much gone. I am very active with motorsports and with her help, I am able to enjoy my hobbies again. She is not your typical trainer, she listens and is concerned with what your goals are!

– Karl L

I started working with Ashley a little over a month ago, she helped me break a plateau I’ve been struggling with for the past 15 years. I am so happy with the progress so far and I don’t feel deprived like all my other diets made me feel. She is knowledgeable, I love the information as to why I’m eating or not eating something instead of just it’s good/bad for you. As she mentions in her Blog, not everyone’s body reacts the same. She is very passionate, energetic, and best of all fun. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with her.

– Beth B

Ashley is very passionate about nutrition, personal training, and overall health. She has been training me for a couple of months, and the changes I’ve seen have been amazing. I’m getting stronger every day. She has taken me out of my comfort zone, and taught me to deadlift (something I never would have tried on my own) I LOVE IT!

-Amy K